Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | January 5, 2015

End of one dream and begining a new one?

It has been a very long 2014.  I last posted back in March of 2014- just after that we found that my husband’s chemo treatments were no longer working so they switched him to a new treatment that also stopped working a couple of months later. This went on until October 2.  The doctors then told us that there were no more options and that they had done all they could do and they left the option up to him. try more chemo variations and hope they work but be sick and miserable all the time or opt for quality of life with the time left. As there was not any combo they hadn’t tried already he opted for quality, John passed away October 26, 2014 after a 7 year battle with colon cancer.

My daughter and I discussed things over the last couple of months agree we are set up for farming right now so we will continue with that maybe on an even smaller scale until we can make some concrete plans for later. As for me I am going back to school to get a second degree in Biology to go with my first in Health Science. I will be going back into the classroom when I am thru as well as continuing to farm but because of the changes in policies towards small family farms I feel that I need a first line of stability for myself and my daughter hence going back into teaching until we can really come up with what we are going to do next. (she wants cows so my guess is it will always be farming.) So the end of one dream is the beginning of the next one…. and it is very hard to let the other go as well as the man who shared it with me.

We will be renaming the farm and doing a few things differently as my area was growing and the animals while John was the head mechanic, gadget fixer and jerry-rigger and I am not so good at those things yet so what began as a very green farm is going to have to cheat a little until I learn more of those skills to keep us on the sustainable path.




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