Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | March 19, 2014

Plants and Pork.

IMG_20140316_175703 IMG_20140316_175733


Once again we are in the midst of starting this summers plants so far so good however I have a feeling this summer is going to be dry and hot.  Meanwhile we are dealing with greenhouses and seeds and soil mixes.  we found a box ready greenhouse at the farm supply store that was an 8×10 for a really great price so we have started with that  however we are in the process of making our own; not out of old windows like we had planned- those are now cold frames- the greenhouse is out of cow panels 3 at $20 each a pallet base and greenhouse grade plastic we snapped at a hardware store that was going out of business. The storm door and screen door we will get at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore- which is an awesome place to get building supplies and help out a great organization. You may have to frame out the doors so that can be an added expense but really not much.  Here is my pathetic drawing from which my husband will make a terrific greenhouse mostly bc he “gets” the idea and was the first to suggest the building method when we realized that the old window version of said greenhouse is not budget friendly at all.



It will take a while to build as his energy is limited right now and our time is really limited but It will be ready to move stuff to over winter in by fall.

In other news we are enjoying the pigs that have been sent to freezer camp this past month and are making fresh sausages, curing all sorts of stuff and getting ready to start smoking some bacon.  Fresh home grown pork is awesome the taste is totally unlike what you buy in the store! We are hooked.

Breakfast sausage recipe (sausage patties)

I used the herbs we dried from the garden last year. I also make our own pepper flakes and cayenne (I don’t use cayenne often at breakfast too early for that!)

1 lb ground pork

handful sage at least 2 tablespoons minimum

pinch of rosemary

2 tablespoons of thyme leaves

red pepper flakes




1 teaspoon cayenne pepper (extra spicy)

1 tablespoon light brown sugar (sweet and spicy)

In a medium size bowl or pan mix all ingredients together well- using a fork or your hands.  Make small balls of about a tablespoon of the mix and then place them in your frying pan and flatten them out with a fork. Fry over medium heat until they no longer have any “give” in the middle and are not showing any pink inside.

I’ll be making sausage lengths later this weekend with some of the other ground pork we have from this years pork harvest. Probably garlic sausage and maybe some Italian sausage. It will be a very tasty weekend!




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