Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | March 11, 2014

SO it has been a long while since my last post..

It has been a longgggg time since I last posted. We have had some changes but nothing very major.  We are however concentrating on livestock now because of the poor growing conditions we had last year.  Pigs can live anywhere! (we are concentrating on Kunekunes for the pigs) Below is Esmerelda and  Arthur…


We are definitely raising heritage animals and looking at adding a few more and well an alpaca or 2 because I need to feed my fiber habit plus I am teaching my daughter to weave and that is a fiber rich project, let me tell you.

We are still doing as many sustainable living/farming techniques as we can. However we are limited right now in doing new things because my husband’s cancer has started to become aggressive again so we are inching along but steadily inching.

This year’s goal however is to complete the new rainwater collection system and start to grow all of the animals feed here on the farm- so far the feed growing is doing well.

Sorry to write and run after being away for so long, however, life had to come first and now that it is settling down I will be posting more often.


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