Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | August 8, 2013

Still on the down slide for the summer but fall is looking good..



The hens finally started laying beautiful brown eggs and the ameraurcanas blue-green eggs-  unfortunately the neighbor’s dogs ate the ameracaunas  after digging THRU the chicken tractor of all things. So we are now just getting the nice brown eggs and a few white eggs. Either way we have new baby chicks and some new little kunekune/guinea hogg cross piglets named Hamlet and the other porkchop.  I will post pictures later.  This is new for us as we have never raised pigs before so it should be a definite learning experience.  Other than that we are building, and planting.  We are not however harvesting much as the excessive rain this year has literally washed the farm out- beautiful blooms on the veggies but no veggies, it is very frustrating.  We will be going for a full fall planting so hoping that will turn out well.

Hoping to post more later this weekend or next week, I just wanted to share the pretty egg picture 🙂



  1. You really know your own stuff… Continue the good work!”

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