Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | July 5, 2013

Ark in progress, duck are ecstatic.

Believe it or not it is still raining, we are over our average annual rainfall by 22 inches already and its July!! Needless to say its been a tough growing season but things are growing fairly well. Beans, peppers and squash are happy the tomatoes not so much. The chickens are a bit soggy but they are also ok and fairly happy, which is good as we are about to add 30 new chickens tomorrow.  The ducks on the other hand are over the moon they are so happy with the weather.

Other than that we are considering building an Ark as we are under another flood watch, we have literally been under a flood watch since December! 

As the weather hasn’t really cooperated we have been doing “crafts” to decorate the herb gardens and the front porch which has been fun and it is a distraction from not being able to get the farm work completely done instead of half done.  One is a tea party in the garden:


nothing major just a bit of fun, the plants in the cups are succulents so they like the moist, not so well-drained soil.

We have a few projects getting ready to take off so when we have them started or ready to start I will post more, meanwhile stay dry!




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