Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | June 13, 2013

Rain, rain, more rain and did I mention it was raining?



The rain has been out of control this spring- we lost the potato crop, the peas and the shallots- have not been able to plant the onions, wheat, corn , sorghum. Too wet. We were able to get several rows of beans in and a bunch of different types of summer squash plus the herb garden.  It is supposed to be dry enough next week to be able to plant the other stuff and hopefully get the next few successive planting in without have to worry if they are going to rot in the ground first. It has been an odd spring to say the least!!!

Needless to say if has been almost impossible to get stuff done on our farm so we have been trying to get the other one in shape for the animals and a few small crops in so we have some type of yield for this season. We figured that we would get a very small return from the farm in the way of produce but not that it would be a total wash. (pun intended) The animals may be our only product this year. However just to be on the cautious side, we may just start building an ark just in case so the animals at least would be safe.

The irony to all this is that it has been nigh impossible to get the rainwater system up at the new farm because we need a dry enough time period to get the gutters up.

Just wanted to check in with folks to say we are still here, still working but very busy.



  1. Your not alone with the rain…..Here is Co Kerry, Ireland it rains……..a lot……most days of the year. It is so hard to grow anything without having major problems so I invested in a poly tunnel a good few years ago……it was a great improvement and so good that I now have two tunnels. The great advantage of growing under cover is that you have a controlled environment and can control how much water etc your plants get. Have you ever thought about growing under cover?


  2. we use a green house regularly and have looked at the high tunnels as an alternative. Our major problem has been the flooding. I am thinking we will need to prepare for next season with a variety of methods. have you tried this?are using raised beds, green houses and containers right now just so we can get a small return we will add the rest in the fall most likely as we have a very long growing season- up until the end of November. I am thinking of overwintering veggies in the tunnel..

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