Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | May 12, 2013



It has been an odd April/May the fields flooded twice due to all the rain – our specific area of TN is 18 inches above normal for spring.  However we managed to get potatoes, shallots and peas in before the big flood we are still unable to get to most parts of the farm because of the water not being able to drain as it was sooooo soggy from the last deluge of rain.  We are hoping that it does not cause the taters to rot although we are sure the peas were washed away into the treeline or down the river lucky for us we have a super long growing season.

We should be able to get back onto the farm by Wednesday so it has been a 2 week flood. We were lucky however because we had only planted the potatoes and not much else we have had neighboring farms that have lost their complete crops with little to no money to replant. We were waiting until mid May to plant most of it because it has been such a cold and rainy spring and our instincts were correct we have freeze warnings for tonight!

Meanwhile we have moved onto a second farm that belongs to my family so we are going to work on it while waiting to deal with ours. It is older and hasn’t been worked in ages so we are putting it together so that it is viable again also we will be planting some of the vegetables over here as well- it is only 5 miles from our place. First off though we are putting in gutters and a rain collection system as we are blessed with overly abundant rain now but in July and August we will be wishing for rain. Oh and flowers lots of flowers over here to go into the ground.

So that is what we are doing right now working on both places to make sure they are sustainable and productive and waiting for the flood water to totally drain so we can continue working on the farm.

Rain water system consists of  gutters, plastic food grade barrels with the gutter spouts running into the top pf the barrel (we cut out a spot to fit the spout into the barrel), hose and submerge-able pump (like a pool pump) and holding tanks- we use 275 gal tanks.  Once the barrels are full we pump the water into the storage tanks and these have nozzles fitted to   the bottom for attaching the hose for watering the garden.  We do not use it for drinking water only for the plants. All of the parts can be bought or found on swap lists or freecycle locally.  We tend to have about 1000+ gallons on hand during the rain free season of the year, We use all of it every year.




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