Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | April 19, 2013

Using a little medieval know- how…

It has been very busy this month… more baby animals and fence construction and more plowing.  This is Sumo a 2 week old new zealand/ lionhead bunny.


The best bunny snuggler we have ever had.

We are in the process of fencing in the gardens to keep out the dogs, the chickens, the ducks…we gave up on keeping out the goat.  She just wants to eat the privet however.  As for the fence itself we are out of money for stuff like that so we are using the age old wattle fence.



In building this type of fence you take “posts” made of sticks or in our case river cane and pound them into the ground about 6  to 10 inches apart depending on how tight you want the weave of the fence.  Next you use canes, vines, long sticks to weave in between the posts as you can see in the picture almost like children do in kindergarten art class to make place mats with paper; you continue doing this until it is the height you would like it to be.  This fence will be just about waist high when it is finished. I will post pictures f it when I am finished.  This particular fence is around the herb garden, we will be placing one around the strawberry patch, asparagus patch and the large field- maybe. That particular garden depends on whether we have plenty of cane to do it with or if we have to wait for next years growth. We have been very careful that we don’t take all of it so that more will grow.

We have been doing a lot of our planning based on Cato’s treatise on farming from ancient Rome.  The original organic farming manual. To say that it has saved us some money and has a few ideas and plans that fit our size farm is an understatement, it has been a great resource.  We do supplement it with more recent research and practice but it all seems to say the same thing he did.  It is worth looking into it you haven’t.




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