Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | April 9, 2013

All sorts of building and planting going on!

It has been non-stop and never-ending this month on the farm- plowing, planting, baby animals everywhere, building and more planting.

Here is the current state of my husband’s blacksmith building (the smithy):


We are using the pallet building style for all the out buildings it has turned out to be incredibly sturdy. All that is left here is the roof and he may put sheeting on the outside but probably not until fall bc it will be a very hot place to work even without the sheeting.

I also have new pallet grow tables for the kitchen garden stuff I want close to the house rather than out in the larger garden.  Just a few herbs and some edible flowers that all I need is a handful here and there for cooking.



and a very small but fully adequate tool shed next to the huge “garden”  (3 acres).



we did put a heavy duty tarp over the top and sides to help keep things dry but this is all we need right now for tools.  Later we will build a tractor shed and a larger tool shed.

That’s the update for this week too much really going on to sit for long.

Back to baby animals and planting 🙂



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