Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | March 4, 2013

Spring is here. Really.

So in between snow showers and frosts we have had the spinach and lettuces sprouting in the greenhouses and finally we are seeing the squash seeds working their way to the top. We have the greens in several large planters and pots for replanting when we can open the ground and then start direct sowing the rest so that we will have successive crops for the summer or until it gets to hot for it to grow. The squash and such we will start in the greenhouse or in plant-able pots made from newspaper.



Amazingly all of it is coming up so the  chicks are looking forward to the extra greens in their diet…. well, if we don’t eat them first!

And speaking of chicks we now have 11 silkie- polish top hat mixes that are growing faster than weeds. And are going to live in the new chicken tractor that we built last week for them IF it ever stops freezing out. Currently we have 11 chicks living in the bath tub. This makes our 9-year-old daughter very, very happy as it is hard to take a bath in a bathtub filled with chicks.  She is hoping that when the ducklings come in they will be in the tub as well so that the bathing will still be less often than desirable.  Here is one of the chicks getting people time:



and here is their new home once we get some moderation in the weather:



We have also decided on wattle fencing for the garden.  There is so much river cane on the farm that it just makes sense and as we are not digging it up the roots are left to grow more.  It has turned out to be a fantastic renewable resource for us.

IMG_20130218_131833 (1)


that is what we have been up to this spring. Building stuff, animal babies, starting veggies and just the day in and out stuff of a small homesteading farm.  Now if it would just stop snowing!!!!



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