Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | February 11, 2013

More rain, cold frames and greenhouses

For January and February we have received almost 9 inches of rain over our average rainfall and there is more in the forecast!  However we have 4 mini greenhouse up and full of seed trays and cold frames made from reclaimed lumber waiting for their share of seeds It may be wet out but we have made up for it.

IMG_20130209_153819                                 IMG_20130209_153755


We are using the mini-greenhouses until we can build our recycled window greenhouse later this summer.  So far we have winter red-eye squash, butternut, acorn, tons of various tomato seeds and pepper seeds, eggplant, artichoke, lettuce, spinach…all sorts of good stuff started as planting tends to be about the beginning of April or end of March.  The cold frames are waiting for their alternating layers of mulch, bunny poo and soil so they can have their seeds for spinach, lettuce, leeks, lots of swiss chard, shallots and various other veggies… we have 4 frames finished but are planning for 8 to 10 frames.  the lumber and windows we were able to find on freecycle so the cost came from the screws only.  Easy useful cheap and it’s almost completely out of recycled/reclaimed material (except for the screws).

Meanwhile while we are out getting things accomplished Gracie the dog and her cat friends are staying warm and dry.



We have another big work day, which is when we have friends over to help with some of the things that need lots of hands, this coming weekend.  On workdays we can turnout a ton of work and have lots of fun and end the day with a cookout- this weekend we will be making a pallet compost bin, wood ricks (out of pallets) as well as new bunny hutches or as my husband calls them” bunny condos.” We will also be running gutters on the animals sheds and the office building to finish up the rainwater system.  Ironically it has been to raining too much to put it up.  In all this weekend will be food, friends’ fun and farming; doesn’t get much better than that.



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