Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | January 27, 2013

Floods, snow, heat waves but no moderation…

So we have been living on the farm for about 3 weeks however 1 of those weeks was spent with friends as the weather was rain rain rain for 4 weeks and then dumped 7 inches on rain on us so the surrounding fields flooded and cut us off from the farm for a week.  This was followed by a snow and ice storm and now a slight January heat wave with temps in the 60’s.  The bad thing was the surrounding fields flood, the good thing is we now know how the flood pattern works in regards to the farm and what precautions are needed. All the buildings are on high ground and there wasn’t more than a foot of water standing anywhere on the farm.  However to be safe we will be raising everything to about 6ft off the ground- which the goats will love! We will have to make it a goat jungle gym.

We will have to wait until summer for any moderation or consistency in the weather and then it will be just plain hot!

It is wonderful to wake up to birds in the morning rather than traffic, a great way to start the day especially if it’s a day to relax.  On the other hand we have a TON of work to be done and are behind already due to the excess rain and flooding. The goat shelter needs finishing, compost bin built (from old pallets) and the chicken enclosure and run needs to be built plus we still need to hook the water and septic up so we can stop using the outhouse and the RV bathroom. It is very interesting to see how much water is really used vs wasted when you have a limited supply.  I can live with little to no electricity (we are limited during the day but run the generator to charge the batteries for a couple of hours at night so we are able to charge the phones and computers etc) but it is very hard to do without water.  We have found that we don’t use a lot of water or at least we don’t waste very much but we also see that we need to get the water storage system up and running so we can collect rainwater as we did in our previous house. This water goes for watering veggies, flowers and the animals throughout the summer. We are planning on getting a food grade storage system up soon as well.  This water will still have to be boiled just to be safe but will be an immense help with water bills.

Other than that we are perusing the seed catalogs and making plans for planting time which is normally the end of February here.



  1. So was the damage from the flooding less than you expected? Did the rabbits survive? What about your equipment you thought might have been ruined?

    • The damage was minimal however we lost 2 of the Angora rabbits- my best rabbit Sam was one of the fatalities. The equipment we are waiting for it to dry out so we can see if it needs to be fixes the generator was fine- the tractor hasn’t dried out yet sooooo we are moving stuff around, building things up and generally re-thinking a few plans and going for some flood proof (if there is such a thing) plans.

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