Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | October 29, 2012

Moving part 2:the Sequel…

So we are getting all set to move and the water main breaks- puts us back about 1 month not so bad because we can camp out in a friends yard in the RV as the fix is fairly minor just tedious and we have to find time to do it in between school and chemo treatments. In other words moving has been pushed back yet again but fixing the water is a must! We can make it without electricity as there are enough alternatives however water is a definite must have!

Other than that we have started on the bread oven.  The design we are working on is a cross between the old Celtic turf ovens and a few of the Viking designs as they seem to be the best suited for what we are looking at doing.


The kids (and adults) are enjoying the fact that the “mud pies” have a purpose and its fun to play in the mud without getting in trouble for it 🙂

I will post the progress of the ovens as we go- the goal for the oven is for it to be used to bake the bread and pies for Thanksgiving this year.


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