Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | August 27, 2012

Moving: lock, stock and barrel…

Well July was a really busy month.  In the course of the month or rather since my last post on July 4th, we have solved the question of something to live in while we build (a large camper).  What we are building and where- cobb on wood structure up hill from the pond.  Plus we have had lots of chicks, kittens but no baby goat…yet; so we have rechecked the dates and we are 1 month off on her dates…so she is just really fat or ready to drop.  Personally these days I’m voting for a really fat goat.

In July we have also acquired the basic equipment we will need, tractor, bush hogg, a few trailers, an old blue truck and a storage locker for most of our furniture and things we are not going to need right away.  That being said, the farm is almost completely bush hogged and it looks wonderful! Ready to plow, build, whatever we need.  We did leave plenty of  uncut areas for the wild turkeys and the deer to bed down so they should not feel overly displaced, although they are probably not very happy about it.  We also left many trees for future shade bc we aren’t going to till up lots of acreage just about 2 or 3 no more than 5 if we end up feeding more than the few families we have.

We also took a field trip to Lehman’s in Ohio so that we could see up close the items we have been looking at for the past 2 years, wishing we knew more about them: how heavy is it to use, what consistency, what does it really smell like, is it a smooth or rough finish, will the stove fit a regular size pan or just the smaller one… all sorts of questions that catalogue descriptions really don’t quite answer even with the dimensions given.  It was well worth the trip! We were able to touch, lift, open, close, smell, sample and just all around try out to an extent the things we were wanting such as their milk churns (we got the crock style with dasher bc the paddle churns have plastic gears rather than metal); we were able to se the stoves and go over the 2 we had thought we wanted and it turned out that the stove we hadn’t even considered was the one we preferred, so we are going to get the Stanley over the elmira or sweetheart stoves.  The Stanley had a larger oven space and the water reservoir was much more convenient and easier for me to get to as well as for our daughter to use.  Regardless of the stove the lids were very heavy so she will not be able to do anything with them which was perfect.  We also got to sample some of the soaps, lotions and salves and I will say that any of the salves are definitely worth purchasing and the soaps and lotions were ok- nothing different from what we make or can get locally.   All in all it was lots of fun to do and we are planning on going again but with a trailer so we can hopefully bring home the stove!

Basically the whole month of July and August we have been getting the farm ready for a fall garden and for building and for moving the animals from here to their new home. Along the way we have been blessed with a small amount of money to really gets us going, time and the health to get us farther along then we were and the energy and help from friends we have needed to really make the farm a peaceful and restful place to go and to look forward too. We can’t wait!  We will be there full time in the beginning of November or December- meanwhile we are there several days a week and every weekend working and loving every minute of it regardless of how busy we are and how tired we get! Once we are there all of the time the schedule will at least iron out a little so we aren’t as hurried to get it all done before we have to leave again. It will be actually much easier bc the animals and the gardens will be in the same place.

In all of this we have had to make flood contingency plans as the back part of the farm floods and the fields surrounding the area we are building flood so we are looking at evacuation plans for both human and animals bc goats don’t swim all that well and I am not leaving my bunnies to the mercy of flood waters and I would never expect my cats and dogs to figure it out all by themselves any more than I would my daughter.  So we are trying to make sure that we have the trailers and cages in a position were they are quickly and easily accessible to load the animals and go… we are lucky that our cats tend to stick around rather than explore to far off and that the dogs prefer to be underfoot rather than out running around.

So another couple of months in the starting up of a new farm.  It has been a ton of work but really lots of fun to transition a backyard homestead over to a real farm…. Now to finish the transition and get both our families out on the farm 100% of the time and to see what new adventures we will have then..


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