Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | June 19, 2012

Blackberries and baby kittens. Summer is definitely here…

The kittens arrived at the beginning of June and are 3 weeks old, we are still waiting for the goat kids to appear- most likely in July.  Meanwhile we are keeping busy with the rabbits- we have 4 that are for breeding  for the off spring that will be dinner except for the few that I can spirit away for pets and we have 2 Angora bunnies now as well so I can indulge my fiber addiction.  We had to cut holes in the largest one’s coat as he was covered in mats, he was rescued from someone who had no clue what to do with long hair bunnies.

On the garden side of farm life: the blackberries are ready and it looks like we will be picking for about 3 weeks.  The road and the pond are completely ringed with them!  We picked a couple of gallons just for dessert, preserves and maybe some wine the other day. This week we will be picking  lots more so that  we will have them for freezing and eating and maybe a few to sell as well.  The herb garden is doing great lots of sage, basil, fennel and onions, but the veggie garden is not so happy- tons of peppers, very few tomatoes or squash… I am hoping that the second crop does better when we plant.

That’s it for now;working with the animals and the garden, we haven’t had time for much else until things in those areas settle down and we can spend more time building.



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