Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | June 4, 2012

Slowly but surely we are getting somewhere…

we just are not quite sure where yet 🙂  It has been a slow going month so I haven’t had much to post-we have broken ground on the first shelter and we will be building that over the next month or so.  It will be cobb/earth bag construction and we are going to go solar for power plus wood burning stoves due to a problem with getting electricity run out to the farm.  However we are having to move much more slowly than we originally planned. We may not be out on the farm permanently until November or December if then. We are hoping that is sooner like September but we don’t want to uproot the kids during the school year if we can help it as it really isn’t fair to them.

In good news we have found a reliable place to obtain our animals from- it’s a Mennonite farming community that uses minimal to no pesticides or antibiotics (unless the animal really is sick and needs them) or anything else artificial or unnatural.  Plus they are more than happy to share some of their knowledge with us when we ask about how to do certain things.  They have also been a wealth of information and plants for our medicinal herb garden.  It is better than birthday presents going there!

So we haven’t fallen off the wagon or anything just dealing with day in and day out paperwork, animal care and gardening with occasional breaks to fish and play in the river.  Also my husband is still on the current round of chemotherapy so hasn’t been felling up to doing a whole lot of work on things so I have been taking care of stuff here with lots of help from the other families involved until we can go back to building.  I really must recommend that if you are looking at homesteading or going off the grid or back to the Earth or whatever you choose to call it, going in with another family or 2.  It’s great to have company, help with the work and to know there is someone who thinks a bit like you and thinks just enough along a different line to see how something might be done better or more efficiently in a different way.  Its been a really good experience and a great learning experience and has given me hope that it’s a partnership that should be tight in the coming years. Can’t say enough about having that support.


That is about it for now have a great week!



  1. So, given that ya’ll are still a no-go on the electricity, are you considering solar panels to generate your own?

    • still going on solar plus generators plus river power is a possibility as well, just trying to work out the logistics of all of it. We found plans for making our own solar panels using old aluminum windows so starting there to get us out on the farm and then will buy the next round so we have more steady power.

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