Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | May 13, 2012

Babies, babies and more babies :)

So we are going slow on building right now but we have found a way to build that meets the important requirements for now which is good because we have tons of babies on the way. Goat kids, chicks, bunnies and kittens to be exact.  When we got her goatness, the man we bought her from wasn’t sure if she was bred… wellllll…. she was.  Currently she is hauling her tummy around the back yard looking as if she ate a few of the kids’ soccer balls. Plus her udder is developing quite rapidly so we estimate that at the beginning of June we go on “kid watch.” We have been reading and asking questions like crazy- kittens,  puppies, chicks and bunnies we have dealt with, baby goats? We got nothing.

Well, the goats have names already.  According to my husband they happen to be: djemebe, doumbek and bodhran… my reply was I’m not raising goats to become drums!

So we are going to finish up our building next weekend of the animal houses and get them moved in as well as figuring out how we are planing on accomplishing the rest with a minimum of fuss and stress.  We are going to go ahead and build a good size cobb structure to make sure we have a solid place to camp and hopefully a bathroom in addition to the outhouse.  We will see what we can do with the materials we have.  Pictures will follow with next week’s activities.

So onward we go, with lots of learning steps on the way…


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