Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | May 2, 2012

This is becoming a wild ride…

So we met the other night to decide what to do and came up with a few options with the guidance of one of the county officials.  So we are looking at moving into one house together; all 8 of us which is not as bad as it sounds we all get along well and tend to have similar if not the same interests. So where to lived solved bc that way we can at least afford to pay for 1 place or the other while sorting out the rest.  The animals are taken care of we spent the evening and morning putting up decent housing for them until we are able to move on.  The horses, cow and pigs are on hold for now as are the new gardens- we tilled up our normal 1/2 acre and we will use that for the summer again until we have the rest sorted.  So we are doing our regular backyard homestead a bit expanded until this is sorted out.

Now we were told this morning by the county that all the folks living next to the river built without a permit and none have been asked to tear down their housing…. interesting thing is without a permit you can’t get electricity so how did they get electricity….. and from the whole conversation it was sort of like “build away no one else did it the right way and they are fine”'” not really comfortable with that but if we find out we are really stuck even though the guy was underhanded about the whole thing I guess we will have to figure out how to make the best of it without permits.  We are however, putting out feelers for other properties as well.

Anyhow- I’ll post any new developments but meanwhile going back to our regular posts about getting stuff ready to go.


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