Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | May 1, 2012

Only takes a minute to smash a dream…

Well we have been working our tails off getting things set up- we had done the permit thing, the ordinance things and so on, all green lights.  Today we went to the electric company and they asked for the letter from the building inspector so they could get started.  Our response was we were told by that office that we did not need permits for our particular area other than the state permits and they said well we need that letter so back to the inspectors’s office we went.  This time the idiot we spoke to was there and I guess she decided that oh well maybe we do need an inspection so she’ called her boss instead of just giving us the letter as as she should have the first time.  John talks to the inspector himself and he says “No.”  I will not permit building on that property even if its a portable shed bc it is a reg flood plain now and not a hundred year as it is described by FEMA (we had already talked to FEMA).  Then we find out that the person we bought the property from knew this but did not disclose the information to us at all the only thing he stated was the electric company asked for an easement arrangement- that was it- nothing else at all- we have the septic tank permits and that the water is run out already etc they had no problems at all doing either  but now we are back at step 1 to start all over again and a piece of beautiful land that we can’t use.  So let see….. bc of a woman’s incompetence and a  man’s lies we will become homeless, we did our leg work  we did our research but we have been foiled by bureacracy once again.  or possibly the good old boy network…

We are meeting tonight to see what we can do and how we can do it and what type of timeline we have to work with…. needless to say we are very unhappy, closer to devastated would be the thing and we haven’t told the kids yet as they are in school…

Not a lesson we wanted to learn or should have had to learn- so sometimes trying to do things the right way tends to be the wrong thing?


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