Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | April 22, 2012

Farm withdrawal…

It has been almost 2 weeks since we have been able to get up to the farm to continue to work and we are experiencing withdrawal due to the lack of peace and quiet and the lack of progress! Granted we can’t go up on weeks my husband has chemo treatments so that causes us to lose a week but then this past week should have been a good week to go  and work.  However, the “got to sell the house now” fairy came by and reminded us that we really need to finish getting this house in shape so we can sell it or at least rent it out.  So we pulled down the tall fence panels that will be moving out to the farm soon as well as all the fence stakes and fencing that is going (we are leaving the fence around the yard in just in case the next folks have dogs) we also pulled out any item that needs to move up to the farm out and placed them in the middle of the backyard… not the side of the yard but the middle, directly in the way of everything and everyone.  I think we were unconsciously thinking to ourselves “if it is in the middle; where we can trip and fall over it we may move it up sooner…”  As if that will happen.  Needless to say we have a large piles of bricks, cement blocks, lumber, fence panels, empty flower pots, machine pieces, shovels, picks, pitch forks and lawn mowers right where you really can’t miss them. EVER. ( I believe John has started to collect mowers as I counted 4 – plus a friend has another that he borrowed from us until his is fixed and John is still getting them off of  freecycle and fixing them to work properly. ) I decided we will never be lacking a lawnmower of any type so it’s a good thing either that or we will be opening a lawnmower repair shop at the farm.

In other developments we have moved the first batch of chicks and turkeys to the old rabbit hutches outside so that they are protected and have more room. (the hutches are huge)  They are really liking the bunny condos because there is room to run plus they have 2 floors and a ramp to play on.  It’s very funny to watch them run up and down the ramp and adorable when they get tired and line the ramp for a rest before starting over again.  Also we have acquired 2 more turkeys and 10 baby quail.  The turkeys will eventually join the rest of the flock but the quail will get their own  large outdoor aviary style cage rather than a coop.  I am planning on one that is large enough to walk inside and tall so they have room to fly as well. I am looking forward to quail eggs rather than quail dinner as the kids decided that they were too cute to ever eat.  So we have pet quail.

And the quail like to be held and petted so I guess we can keep them for eggs only- the next batch will not be so safe I”m thinking.

Well I guess we did do a good bit of work last week.  I’m just really wanting to go up to the farm and get more done.  We really need to get some type of people shelter built so that we can work even in the rain and cold because right now we don’t have a place to get out of the weather should it become really nasty.  A little rain won’t hurt but some of the storms we have had lately aren’t little and do hurt. (lots of big hail) We are going to try to get a large wooden shed moved this week so that we can make that base camp for the rest of the spring and summer.

I wonder if we can run up there today and maybe just fish or watch the river flow by…


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