Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | April 15, 2012

Chaos, Panic and- not a whole lot of work done…

Last weekend I woke up to this view to enjoy my coffee with- watching the trout and bass feed, no noise other than the kids watching for the fish come to the top of the water for their breakfast and just all around peace and quiet.  Today I was jolted awake by one of the chicks hollering at the top of  its range the “chick distress signal.”  It had somehow managed to jump, fly or hop out of the container and away from its family of chicks and poults.  I thought the fire alarm was going off. WHEW! just a lost chick wandering thru the house with a trail of cats. Every time the chick yelled the cats flinched and ran back a few paces.  What a bunch of ‘scaredy cats 🙂 This was after a day of frantic cooking and cleaning; we are trying out recipes and “events”  so that when we open our guest quarters we have a good menu worked out as well as any “events” that we would like to have, yesterday was tea time.  There is no food left and we have 6 recipes that will be added to the books.

This week has been one full week of “best laid schemes o’ mice and men….” nothing planned was done between my husband’s chemo treatment and the general malaise that hangs over the house on those weeks; so only the rabbit hutch was finished and our office cleaned and ready to be packed for moving. So THIS week we will be going to the electric coop, the water company and the internet folks to see if we can get everything turned on or run out to the farm so we can start spending longer periods of time at the farm and have showers or baths…. it is amazing how much running water eases stress sometimes.  The other things that have to be done whether we want to or not is getting the basis for the house figured out with no changing our minds or anything else so we can start on it as soon as school is out for the year. And we need to move the shed from this house to the  farm.  It’s going to be a busy week and I hope we can get it all done or at least half of it- I would settle for half…

Other than that we are up to 3 goats  20 chickens and 8 chicks and 2 Bourbon turkey poults (which have turned out to be my favorites) and counting 🙂


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