Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | March 18, 2012

a camping we will go or was that building?

It has been a while since I posted but we have been very, very busy- we registered the deed for the farm so we have been up there camping every weekend so far.  However in going up so much we have decided on one project per weekend is about all we will be able to do as the little truck and trailer can’t pull much in the way of building materials (bumper hitch rather than a carriage hitch).

So the first line of duty has been the goat shed- made of all reclaimed wood and a tin roof from fences and an old school-house that was torn down years ago, it was really not salvageable for a house so it went to the shed.  It is a low shed just for the goats but has a hay loft accessible from the outside and un-accessible to the goats.  They have a good 1/2 acre to themselves which is a good amount of space for 4 pygmy goats.  We have to fence it in next so we can move them up there in May.  We aren’t sure what type of fence yet to use but have some ideas plus will keep an eye on all the recycle lists so we may be able to use something we hadn’t thought of before.

Next weekend we are going to build the Chicken coop.  We have decided for weather and predator safety that we will be building it half into the hillside to offer more protection from the darn coyotes and the severe storms we have been getting.  The storms in Tennessee used to be fairly tame but lately they have been horrendous so we are looking at animal shelters as well as people storm shelters.  we are planning on digging one out for the goats as well bc they are our investment as well as the farm and they deserve the best protection we can give them as well.  We also found that the farm does flood more than they said it did so we are building shelters for them on top of the hill as well- it’s about 20 feet so safe- we are building people shelters too. I guess we will be fairly prepared it not well prepared for things.  Any how the coop will also have a more normal look to it outside the hill bc it will have a wood and wire enclosure to it as well- I’ll post pictures as we get them this week.

On a less work intensive note we have found a place where there are hundreds of trillium so we can’t use that corner of the farm for much as they area protected plant so we are going to clean out the dead wood.  Clean up the privet saplings and place stone benches and such for a reflection area .  It will be perfect bc the river is right there as well.  I am posting pictures of the trillium with this blog post today.

So far all the building we are doing is using reclaimed wood and tin however the next thing we will try is probably going to be earth bags building combined with the cobb bc we are running out of wood and tin 🙂



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