Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | December 28, 2011

why zoning can be amusing or is that non-zoning?

We took the day yesterday to go look up the zoning ordinances and ground water applications and septic applications for the farm.  It was very amusing to say the very least.  First we learned that the only ordinances we need for building are the state ones as we are in an unincorporated area… second as we asked questions about the state requirements we realized the zoning person we were speaking with was trying really hard not to laugh.  It took a minute or 2 but we finally got the joke and that was we could build anything we want with whatever we want as long as the electric was hooked up by a bonded electrician to the power supply (lucky for me my husband can wire a house properly but we will have that inspected as well- better safe than sorry!)) and that the septic tank was hooked up by a plumber or at least inspected by a plumber. The tanks are already there so we just need to be hooked up.  So we finished at the planning commission and went to the groundwater planning agency (I don’t remember the exact title of the agency) to meet with the inspector for the county as regardless of the lack of rules in place we wanted it inspected fairly thoroughly so it didn’t cost us a ton of money later on.  This is where we really became amused, seems that the inspector is only in m,w and f from 7:30am until 8:15 am and if we don’t’ catch him at that time we are out of luck.  We spent a few moments wondering how many golf courses were well inspected 🙂 SO we had an interesting but amusing (to us any how) day looking up ordinances or the lack there of…

For the rest of the day we spent rambling around the county just looking into the resources that were available and what varieties or animals folks had in their pastures as well as just the general design of the various farms in the area, mostly to see what seemed to work best for the folks that live there already.  Never hurts to do research in the field for some practical applications.  I wish there was somewhere nearby that I could go and work (volunteer would be fine with me) just for some extra experience in various things mostly animal care that isn’t poultry, rabbits or dogs and cats.

We did look into pre-fab housing and we may go that route bc it’s just a wooden structure that will need some work to insulate it and bring it up to livable standards as it’s just a shell the rest is up to us.  Cobb once again seems to be the best option and we are pricing out how much the structure will be for us to build it.  The goats we decided will get whatever we build them as we already have a good supply of recycled lumber for those types of projects.

One thing I would like to do is find reference books just to have on hand as we are planning on having a common house for things like a get-together and guest quarters as well as a library.  The library will have books just to read from the enjoyment factor but we also need to build a reference library;  any suggestions?

The one really important thing we found out yesterday was about fire services for our area. There aren’t any.  The county was all volunteer but the county cut 75% of their funding so unless you are in the incorporated areas you are out of luck at this time so my husband and a friend of ours that is a professional fireman have been coming up with ways to at least deal with keeping a fire from spreading to other buildings etc on the farm. Our friend suggested drafting off the river as it borders 2 sides of the property and combining that with my husbands idea of gravity feeding water for use.  Anyone else have experience with having to do this? and how did you do it? As so far this is the only way we can see that makes sense and can be set up right away.

That’s about it for now, our next adventure up there is Saturday 🙂  I can’t wait it’s always an interesting day out.


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