Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | December 18, 2011

planning and planning and more planning

Not a whole lot happening on the “move to the farm ” front at this time just consolidating what we have; researching more on what we are planning and finding ways to make the down payment, so it’s all good right now.  Of course it would be better if we could all stay healthy too! working on that part.

In the meantime, we are looking at the rainwater collection system we have at the house we live in now to see what we need to expand( used for watering the garden only right now).  I am thinking that we need a system for each animal shelter we have, except for the chickens, they would want to roost on it- we tried it here and it didn’t go well. So each house would have collection barrels and each shelter.  That’s a good amount of water.  Right now we have a 2,000 sq ft house and we routinely have at least 1000+ gallons of water stored off of the roof alone. I think at least 2 storage tanks per shelter which is about 500 gals should do and we can always add more if needed, easy to make and easy to obtain the components. Pictures of the system we have- it’s rough but it works really, really well.  The components are: food grade plastic barrels (cost was $5 each now are $10 each), 3-375 gal storage containers obtained from local spa company $40 each (not food grade but they are non toxic chemical bins– wash these thoroughly at the local do it yourself car wash) we will need to get food grade storage so we can use the rainwater for the animals as well.  Rule of thumb; if humans can’t have it then more than likely neither can the animals. Also in use: old pool pump, a large aquarium pump, medical hosing, water hoses, and mesh to keep out critters and insects.  Total cost of current system was $175 bc we used recycled items off of and craigslist.  Just be very careful if you use these when going to pick stuff up- safer to take someone with you.

I am not sure how much it will be to put together the new systems yet. The one we have should cover 2 buildings if we get another storage tank. So maybe about $1000, a bit inflated maybe but just in case we don’t find everything we need second-hand or free, plus this is something that can grow as we add building and such.

About composting, I have 2 bins, one we bought from lowes and is just a square thing with a lid and floor vents the other my husband made me and is really nice bc it turns to mix the stuff instead of have to turn it over with a pitch fork.

I did add pictures of everything although it all needs a bit of sprucing up and some maintenance work.  Major clean up to get ready for winter weather, mesh needs to be replaced, a drop or 2 of bleach added to the water for purification purposes.  We use bleach bc many of the “green” alternatives are not as good and are fairly wasteful money wise as they really aren’t green they just have the label, also many are not made to stand up to algae and mosquitoes. Research, research, research everything.

We have a water system to start with, we have compost bins- we do need to sit down and map out the whole plan but whenever we get together we all have way too much fun and there are so many thing to talk about we get very little put on paper until we all get to the computers and write down what we discussed.  So I guess it does get done in a round about fashion 🙂


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