Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | December 11, 2011

I hate waiting!

We  have the land if we can now regroup on the down payment. INSERT HUGE SIGH HERE!  We had one of our group- but not our group (long story) that was to help with that part and we would pay the monthly payments until it reached the amount the person fronted us for the property down payment and then the payments would go back to being split 3 or 4 ways so that we would all be able to afford the payments and the improvements.  So that isn’t happening , although we kinda knew that to begin with, we have been trying to come up with it in other ways.  As I said in an earlier post we found the land and situation much, much faster than we thought we would – by about 7+ months.  Lucky for me I was an antiques dealer and collector in a former life so I still have salvage from the shipwreck floating around. I am hoping that what I have will raise at least a quarter of the down which is CHEAP!!! so that we can give him something ASAP but the gentleman is willing to wait until January as well however we  really want to give him something now so that he knows we are really serious.  It is so odd how everything has come together so fast. I guess we are on the right path.

We are going to be looking at the partnership agreement and seeds today;  if you have never looked at Baker’s Heirloom seed catalog it is an amazing catalog:  part reference guide, part picture book and part catalog and all good. Here is their web address:

I have a fairly large order that I want to make but I will probably break it into 3 orders- maybe.

Pinetree is one of my other favorite seed sites

I have an even larger order for them and then of course my daughter has an order, interesting how all the veggies she chose are purple…

The kids are going to get their own garden to work in so that they can grow strawberries and whatever else to sell if they wish to acquire pocket-money.  This has produced more interest in the idea of farming than horses bc of the words “pocket-money.”

In the meantime we are clearing out the house to see what we have, what needs to be saved, what needs to be trashed and what needs to be given away or taken to one of the local Charities.  Plus trying to look for things we will need to start up on and Craigslist- we are very much into reuse, recycle, reduce although the reduce part sometimes is hard to do. We really need to be more consistent with all of it; at one time we, maybe, threw out a bag a trash a week or less but when John was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer it got to be really hard to balance everything so that is what we slid downhill on first.  Now that things are evening out more we are back to getting things in shape again.

i will probably update this later tonight or tomorrow after we go over the partnership stuff .



  1. Really insightful info,thanks!

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