Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | December 6, 2011

raining, flooding and land aquisition oh my…

Well the owner of the land prefers us over the other folks that have been looking as we want to farm and not develop the land; this is a plus as he is holding it for us 🙂  so one of our partners in this adventure is setting up the partnership papers to protect all of us that are financially putting a stake into the holdings and then we will hopefully have papers to sign this weekend with the owner! WHOOT!

Now on the other hand we went out to do a little bit of surveying, after some torrential rains that dumped 5+ inches on the area, to see where things could go and found out that the back 10 acres floods due to the pond that was dug out; per the current owner it never flooded until he dug the pond. So we need to fill in the pond, the dirt is still in mounds next to the pond so it can be pushed back in and spread over the area then we need to dig out a section of the riverbank so that the animals can drink at their leisure and the kids have a safer area to swim other than in the river current itself.

The next thing to do is housing and electric there is a meter run to the driveway but I did not see anything run to the property itself so we are going to need to run poles to the property itself. big sigh.  More than likely we will need to run 6 poles at about $300 to $400 each so approx $2400+ to bring the electric onto the property itself…. supposedly the water has already been placed on the property, there is a meter and pipeline however I think we will need to check on that as well because that is more like 60K to bring on to the property and I want to see exactly where it has been run so that we can at least draw out a better plan and there are 2 septic tanks on the property and that has been confirmed 🙂 yay! I know sounds like lots of work but its all towards a good end. We are also looking at solar power (starting with hot water) but it will have to go in a little at a time because of the cost which is about 2 to 3 times that of reg electricity and we can sell back to the company once we are solar, YAY!

Is it just me or is going sustainable and green a bit on the pricy side of life?

Now housing is going to be fun, fun, fun!  we are looking at the mobile homes for temp housing but we are also looking at getting one of the office buildings from the local rent to own place and winterizing it etc until we can build; which will be once we get things established and running so maybe in a year or 2 we can build and I am definitely leaning toward cobb housing right now.  Who doesn’t like to make mud pies?  The left over office sheds will become the common house and guest housing as well.  We have decided that the common house must have a library not just for pleasure reading, which we all do a lot of but also with all our gardening, homesteading and animal care books where everyone can reach them with just a few of our favorites kept in our individual homes.

On a side note about the electricity, my boss, who has a fairly warped and wicked sense of humor for someone who is a professional Santa Claus suggested that we give all the kids a large box of batteries for Christmas.  He also suggested that the tag read something like this:  Dear…..,  I hear the you are moving to a new farm, congratulations and here is something to make your first year or two more tolerable,  Love Santa…

We have already started to get things situated for the animals. We are starting with goats and chickens because that is what we have the most experience with in our current life.  We have backyard chickens right now and a few of our partners have dealt with goats.  We also have a couple that are good friends that have decided to be our unofficial “mentors” and they have lots of goats.  We are going to do multiple shelters rather than a large barn because it will be less stressful for all of us including the animals plus the areas that are suitable for each animal really does not lend itself to 1 large barn, although we will need a hay barn so that will be a fairly large-ish building. Of course these are the “adult” plans, the kids have decided that it is all very well and good but there has got to be at least 2 horses or ponies in that mix to start at least until we can get a horse or pony for each of them 🙂  If we are going to have that much horsepower on the farm then we will need to make sure we have horse-drawn plows, harrows, wagons and a sleigh just in the off-chance that we ever get snow plus other horse-drawn farm implements 🙂

The one thing I haven’t really mentioned in the fact that there are 2 families with children that will live there full-time, 2 families without that may or may not be there full-time and 2 families that will be there weekends and the summers due to work.  So the dynamics of the whole thing are going to be very much that of a small village however we have all been working together on many projects related to this so we know what the strengths and weakness are going into our partnership.  We are all firm believers in that it takes a village to raise a child and a village to sustain a family.  I am looking forward to moving and getting things going.

I know I don’t post much but I will try to start posting at least once per week now that things are moving along plus it helps keep me going in the right direction.  I know I will definitely post once we have all the papers signed and we get moving faster!


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