Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | November 30, 2011

land ho!

Well we have found 2 tracts of land each are 20 acres  in size and both have water on site plus are bordered on at least one side by a river.  We have the opportunity to buy either piece the problem we are encountering is that we thought we would be looking much monger so the down payment ability right now is almost nil.  We are looking at various options including giving the current owner what we have right now (not much) and taking over the payments immediately and then paying the rest of the down in large chunks as our various incomes, sales, tax returns and saving allow so that it is paid off to him by this summer (2012) or sell the house now and use that even though that might create a few extra problems in the shirt term… We are hoping that he allows up to give him what we have and make the payments and pay off the down in Jan/Feb.

The land that we are really looking and and want, it has no improvements, no buildings and no fencing but it is lovely!

Right now just to keep our minds off the slowness of acquiring the land we are researching cobb housing, underground housing (this may not be feasible as its in a hundred year flood plain), pre fab and mod housing as well as tumbleweed housing (these are my favorites)  It has been a learning experience trying to match up sustainable housing with building ordinances that are 20 years out of date with current building trends although the ordinances are not all that bad, Tennessee is fairly laid back if you can provide the structural “math” to back it up- thanks to a friend for that tip.

The kids on the other hand, are deciding what type of animals they would like, the top on all the list being “horses.”  The next rabbits, alpacas, goats, cows and so on…  They would all like electricity as well.  Some of the less informed relatives have been telling them horror stories about homesteading that they have heard.  Have you ever wished that you had less family then you currently have?  Fairly sad.

We are all looking forward to some closure with the land and getting started with building shelters for the animals and deciding what we will build for our housing as well.



  1. you should update more often great read, also like the theme of the page.

  2. interesting page, glad i took the time to read it, if you have some similar articles will be checking back to read them soon.

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