Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | October 1, 2011

Great day to work with natural dyes!

Every season brings new projects and crafts and fall brings a lot of projects.  During the cool weather months when outdoors is so pleasant it is time to dye fabric with natural dyes, make soap and do a bit of blacksmithing or just set up the targets for archery practice.  Today we are using natural dyes to color some fabric and yarn plus setting up the targets for practice.

Walnut hulls for brown, turmeric for golden yellow, beet juice for pink, madder for red, basil for gray (if it cooperates)  and maybe a few others if I get the chance.  Many people ask why I don’t  use the packaged dyes and I do; however knowing how to do something or make something on your own is a more valuable skill than buying and using a packaged dye.  What will you do if you had no other alternative however you had decided that learning all the “pioneer” skills was not a priority or an interest until it was too late?   Dye for fabric is only 1 step in the making of clothing and color, while isn’t a necessity, is a very nice way to make that clothing beautiful.  To make clothing you need to grow or raise the fiber or have a reliable source for it, prepare the fiber if needed by carding and spinning and then dyeing the resulting thread or yarn.  The next step is to either weave the fiber or knit, crochet or however you plan on making the article of clothing.  There are many steps to completing this project.

I am planning on dyeing fabric, thread and yarn today.  I need the fabric for a dress I am planning, the yarn and thread for weaving.  I have plenty of yarn for knitting already.

Pictures later today.



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