Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | September 8, 2011

Starting the newest but not so new “project.”

For years my husband and I have taught classes on things from gardening and outdoor cooking to blacksmithing and herbalism.  We have always done these on an as requested basis from various sections of the community.  We have spent many years learning the skills we teach, both in research and in practice.  We believe that the skills are very valuable to people, especially in this day and age when things are becoming scarce and economic issues are rampant. Being able to take care of yourself and your family is most important and being able to do it with what you have even more so.  If you can garden, raise chickens or rabbits or both, fix things yourself and generally be as self-sufficient as possible you have a better position if shortages do happen in the world.

One of the things we believe in is energy descent, that the fuels and such that are currently available to us will eventually run out or be to expensive for the average person to obtain. So we like to err on the side of caution and help people help themselves, plus it’s just way too cool to be able to make stuff yourself these days when so many of  the old homecraft skills are turning into lost arts.  So this weekend we decided that it’s time to formalize things a bit and get more organized with things.  So we ordered business cards and the like so that folks have a better idea of what we can do and how to reach us.

So I guess this blog will be more about what we are doing with the classes plus resources we use for them for a while.  I’ll slip in other projects as well as they come up just to keep things interesting.  Well I did find one mistake that I didn’t catch before ordering is that we also show folks how to make their own rainwater collection system using things off  local free cycle groups, Craigslist and with what you can scavenge at home…

well either way here is what we do, this is off the cards we ordered:

Going back to the basics doesn't have to be expensive or impossible to do.
A little at a time can make a big impact on your life and that of your family.
Start a garden, start a compost bin, recycle, learn to sew, knit or weave...
you decide on what you would like to do and we will help you learn to achieve it.

Gardens: herb or vegetable, learn what to grow, how to grow it and what to do with the produce.
Compost: learn how to compost and how to make a compost bin.  Decide what method is best for you.
Back to basics cooking: use what is in season, out of your garden, or available locally.
Outdoor open fire cooking, using whole grains, make it yourself... bread, cheese, mead. Preserving your harvest, drying, canning, smoking.
Textiles: obtaining fibers, spinning , weaving, knitting, sewing.  Make your own clothing and linens.
Blacksmithing 101: this does not include farrier classes.

Back to basics living for a new century.
Cheese making
Blacksmithing (limited availability)

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