Posted by: LittleDragonFarm | July 18, 2011

Hello world!

Starting today we will be writing about our on going quest in living a better, simpler life, involving growing our own foods, herbs and in general taking more responsibility for ourselves and our family.  We have been working on this for many years, over 5+, both of us starting way before we were married  in learning what might work and what might not.

We will also be documenting our many projects that we have ongoing (and some that are completed) in this area as well as in our hobbies.  Really it is a blog to ourselves, our daughter and our friends but we don’t mind sharing.

We are John, Christine and Elinor.  We live in Tennessee with our dog Gracie, 8 cats, and 9 chickens.  We will soon add several rabbits to that list.  We have 1 acre of property which we share with our pets as well as a large garden the is about 3/4 of that- most is in a permanent herb garden.  I will post pictures later and actually sit down and write something more coherent later about what we are doing and what this space will be for in the not so grand scheme of things 🙂



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